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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The "lists"...

I am a big list maker. I make lists for everything- groceries, things to do, places to go, errands to run- I even make lists for lists I need to make! (This is sad, but true!) It's the only way I can stay remotely organized. (I said "remotely", so don't go thinking I'm that organized to begin with!)

My list of things to get done around the house is ever-growing as well. In fact, some things I've gotten done I never got around to putting on the list so I can't cross them off to feel better about myself! Then, if I put them on the list to cross off, I just feel like I'm cheating.

My house to-do list is as follows:

Paint house*
paint awnings*
take down kitchen cabinets
refinish cabinets
order kitchen window
clean off back patio
dig up tree in yard and replant
cut down trumpet vine taking over our house before we are all consumed
finish making couch cover before what I've already done needs to be re-re-done!
install shelves in laundry room*
paint living room
paint basement (all rooms)
tile basement kitchen
put new kitchen counters in both kitchens*

*denotes jobs someone else will have to do!

I would have put "get new windows" on there but we already did that and, like I said, it's like cheating. Also, I would be able to check off "get dishwasher", but that was also done before it made the list.

Now I'm off to make a grocery list, and a back to school list. I think I need to make a list that says "stop making lists and go start getting them done!"

Oh, I need to add to my shopping list "get more shopping list paper".

You see why I'm insane???