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Monday, August 24, 2009

Was it worth it??? I wonder...

We decided to spontaneously take a trip up north to Providence over the weekend to spend some time with my husband's family, and a little with my own. They were all going to Bear Lake on Saturday which sounded like a great way to end the summer. So, we packed up the car and went up Friday night. That's when things started to go south!

We left much later than we had originally planned- I know, what's new? Traffic wasn't too bad, though. We were going to go straight to my mom's house to spend the night, but we ended up stopping off at the in-laws and we stayed, and stayed, and stayed... until I finally called my mom and told her we'd be sleeping at the in-laws instead. I had no problem sleeping there, but I HATE when things aren't planned well, or plans get suddenly changed. IT really drives me crazy!

We woke up at 8, and were supposed to go out to breakfast, but my hubby had a raquetball game planned for 9, and by the time we were all ready, it was 9 and he had to go play raquetball with his dad so that blew breakfast. I ended up taking bagels to my mom's while he was "supposedly" going to play raquetball. An hour and a half later I got a call from him saying they were ready to go to the lake and to come home quickly. WE were going to leave at 11:40. OH, and incidentally, they never went to play raquetball!

I immediately stop what I am doing at my mom's and race home to be ready to leave by 11:45. But, wait! We get a phone call from the rest of the family- everyone wants to have lunch first, so we aren't leaving for another hour! We decided to leave anyway and do some browsing in the little gift shops by the lake. Just as we get out to go into the first gift shop, we see the family all drive by! They call us- Time to go to the lake! They ended up not taking as long at lunch, so we piled into the car again and headed toward the lake.

Bang! Swooosh- swoosh-swoosh-swoosh..... we hit a pothole and blew our tire out! After changing to the donut, we tried to find a tire place but there were none. My son and I got dropped off at the lake to play while hubby went to get the tire fixed. And hour and a half later he finally shows up to play at the lake.

Ugh!!!! We did end up having fun at the lake, I'll admit it. But I never even got into my bathingsuit, I was so upset from how the day had gone. Everyone else had fun, though, and I enjoyed the relaxing time, and chatting with my sis-in-laws. When we finally left the lake, we went to go get the famous shakes they have there and the line was over an hour wait! Every shake place we went to was the same so we had to bag it! Boo!!!

All in all, would I do the weekend over again if I knew it would go that way? Probably not. I prefer things to be well planned. Yes, I can handle a little hiccup in the schedule, but I don't like not knowing from one minute to the next what is going to happen.

However, since I am not a fortune teller, or a member of the Dion Warwick psychic friends network (although a lot of good it did them!) I will just have to go with the flow and take whatever the universe dishes out! But, so help me, if anything goes wrong on our cruise to Mexico I'm throwing in the towel!!!!