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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yes. This IS about what you think it is about.

But, tell me, when it applies to an 8 year old, doesn't that creep you out???

The story:

My son was playing with two other friends the other day. They were sticking the hose down their pants and letting the water flow out the legs. (They're boys.... somehow playing with the hose in 50 degree weather doesn't seem strange.)

One of the boys, we'll call him "Ralph" ( another 8 year old who my son doesn't play with very much due to the fact that I think his parents don't like us... long story.) pointed out to my son "you wear underwear?"

"Uh.... yea.... doesn't everybody?" (my son, thinking this kid is strange for even asking.)

"Heck no! I haven't worn underwear for years!"

Ok. Creepy! What parent doesn't put underwear on their kid?! Haven't we all found ourselves repeating the same phrase we heard as a kid more times than we can remember "don't forget to wear clean underwear!"? Not to mention, everyone knows how thorough an 8 year old can be when wiping. (sorry, a delicate subject, to be sure, but relevent, nonetheless.)

So, it poses another question: if the kid isn't wearing underwear, are his parents? I don't even want to think about that. I know people walk around "commando" all the time, but those are creepy people who live in trailer parks and wear suspenders to hold up their "breeches" so they can have both hands free to hold a beer and a drumstick, right? Not my neighbors!!!

I certainly hope it isn't very common, this "commando" thing. I know I may have been a bit sheltered as a child, but I was in high school gym class- girls just don't do that! It makes me not want to sit on the chairs in public places! (I already have an aversion to this after my unfortunate DMV experience a few years ago... too horrifying to go into again.)

People.... put underpants on your children. Put them on yourselves! Afterall, we're not apes! Afterall, If we were meant to go "commando", Adam and Eve wouldn't have donned the fig leaves in the first place!


Shantell said...

Saw your comment on facebook and couldn't wait to hear the story. So funny. Maybe we are the only strange ones whose kids wear underpants.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Oh my gosh I am cracking up as always!! That's pretty scary that parents would let their kids get away with that!!!