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Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's the Mom???

Anyone with children knows that having them sick is NOOOOOO fun! (And that dad's are just not equipped with the patience to be around sick kids.)

My kid has been complaining of hurting teeth for a few days now. I'm certain he doesn't have cavities because he just went to the dentist and he brushes well. Besides, what are the chances of 5 teeth on one side of his mouth having cavities all at once? (I'm not that bad of a mother!)

Finally I saw he had a molar coming in and his mouth is already crowded as it is, so I figured that must be the culprit. I medicated him all weekend and it helped.

However, at about 3 AM on Sunday morning, he woke me up- guess what? Fever of almost 102!!! And swollen gums- like, seriously swollen! He had a sinus infection the size of Texas, and a sore throat to boot.

So, what do I do? If I take him to the doctor, they will probably refer me to the dentist for the teeth problems. If I take him to the dentist, they will probably refer me to the doctor for the fever and sinus infection! Argh!!!

Maybe I can call the doctor and the dentist, have them meet me in the middle somewhere and they can both do their thing at once- wouldn't that be great!

Alas, I finally decided on the dentist: he can x-ray the teeth, probably determine it is due to the new tooth coming in, OR a sinus infection, and prescribe antibiotics. The doctor can't do the teeth x-rays. Pretty clever, huh?

Well, that's why I'm called "The Mom". (incidentally, my husband seemed unusually eager to flee the house and get to work today. I think he's had it with being around sick kids all weekend.)


Shantell said...

London was very upset that your little guy wasn't at church on Sunday. I told her he may be coming over to play and now she asks everyday if he is coming. So tell him get well soon from us and we can't wait to see him!

Lauren said...

My teeth always hurt when I have a cold. Those darn sinuses! I hope he feels better fast.