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Monday, October 5, 2009

Milestones and randomness

We've reached another milestone with my son.

Does this give you any hint?

(it says "keep out" if you can't tell. He'd nailed two blocks of wood together, then stuck it in the hanging ironing board on his door.)


We've now reached a whole new level in parenting. And this was due to the fact that my husband wouldn't let him have a second rootbeer float ice cream bar.

This morning he stormed off to school because he had left his scooter at a friend's house and I wouldn't let him go get it, and took video games away for the day because he argued with me about it.

Ya.... things are gonna be GREAT today!!! Maybe I'll borrow his sign and put it on my bedroom door!Saturday I went to see "Julie and Julia" with my little sister. I'd already seen it, but it's a movie about cooking, so I was obligated to see it again, right?

On a completely different note:

My sister and I went to see "Julie and Julia" on Saturday. I'd already seen it before, but it's about cooking, for heaven's sake... how could I not see it again?! (I've dubbed it a "culinary drama" but it's really funny, and I cry a few times in it. Who wouldn't cry at that beautiful boned duck?!)

Anyway, we were sitting in the theater (one not near my house, mind you. We wanted to go at an earlier time, so we found a theater further away. It felt like a mini vacation! Can you tell I don't get out much?) when I looked up and saw my mom and step dad walk in! They live in Smithfield, but were staying the weekend in Park City (neither of which are close to this theater!)

What a fun, totally random thing!!!