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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dangerous food thoughts... I'm on the edge

So, on the news lately has been a lot of stuff about salmonella poisoning in eggs across the country. So, why do I have this overwhelming craving for eggs suddenly? Shouldn't it turn me off of eggs? Actually, I'm not even a fan of eggs, usually. But now that they are "dangerous", that's all I want to eat! Maybe I just like living on the edge!

Of course, brownie commercials make me want brownies, and they are sooo not dangerous. Unless you use dangerous eggs... hmmmmmm......

Next thing you know I'll be fixing me some of that blowfish sashimi that is supposed to be deadly if prepared the wrong way.... and I'll throw in a side of eggs!


Andrea said...

Actually, I was thinking of making eggs for lunch. I think I'll go now and throw caution to the wind.