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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Webinar...whatever that is!

The other day I thought I'd be like a "normal" person. You know, "normal", as in: person who engages in things pertaining to things outside the home, having nothing whatsoever to do with laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. Normal, as in, "Hi, I have a life where I am not known as mommy...". Ya, normal.

I signed up to participate in a webinar. I know, sounds kind of daunting, right? WEBINAR...

I had to ask my husband what it was, actually. "Do I have to talk? How do I talk to the computer, anyway? Can the other participants see me? (I hadn't done my hair that day... you know, cause I don't have a normal life..." He eased my fears. No, you don't have to talk, no one can see you, no one even has to know you are listening, you can watch it naked if you want (not that I wanted to, but, cool to know!).

I sat down at the appointed time in front of the computer with my plate of dinner and the bedroom door closed. I strongly stipulated to the offspring- absolutely NO interrupting mommy while she is in her meeting!

So, apparently going to a meeting in my bedroom, by myself, on the computer, isn't as respectable as daddy actually going to work. Somehow the offspring just can't fathom I might be doing something that might possibly be more interesting to me than what video game he is playing or what is for dessert. (At which question I replied, "Nothing, okay? Mommy is in a MEETING!" his response: No you're not. You're just playing on the computer." Uh huh... so that's how it is, huh?)

Needless to say, there were MANY interruptions. Perhaps that is how it is in WEBINAR world- mommies all trying their best to appear to be "normal" while trying to extract themselves momentarily from their everyday insanity. I bet there was at least one other mommy watching who had a kid clawing for her attention, or who slurped the mustard off her shirt because it was mostly clean, and she wasn't about to leave to wash it off because she was having "normal" time, by dangit!

All in all, my quest for a "normal" moment ended up being... well, normal. Normal for me, that is. Which, let's face it, is never really boring. The plus for the night- my son got tired of me telling him there wasn't going to be dessert because mommy was in a meeting, so he attempted to make zucchini brownies "mostly" by himself (the occasional interruption to ask how much 11/2 cups is. "Honey, that is 1 and 1/2 cups not 11- half cups. I was actually quite glad he asked about that one!")

Will I be attending another webinar if the opportunity arrises again, of course. Well, I'll attempt it. I can't say things won't go any better, but I'll try. Will I have more realistic expectations the next time? Absolutely. After all, my life is my life, normal or not.

However, my son did tell me today, of all the crazy people in the world, I am -3% crazy, so apparently, in his mind, I have a surplus of sanity! (I wonder what it was BEFORE the webinar? Hmmmm....)