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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm NO travel agent! (or, How mixing two different personalities can result in difficulty in planning vacations.)

My hubby: grew up in family of 7, not a lot of money, idea of "eating out" was taking your sandwich out on the front porch. Family vacations... didn't happen often.

Me: family of 4 (3 kids and a mom... usually. But this is a whole other story of broken families and step siblings, etc. Not what I'm going in to today.) Ate out every week, sometimes multiple times a week, multiple vacations a year with yearly trips to Yellowstone and Zion, several camping trips, spontaneous trips to Canada and other driveable places.

Now. How do you mesh these two different backgrounds to come up with a great family vacation? Oh, don't get me wrong. Once we're on the road, we have a great time! See, there are no siblings for my son to fight with in the back seat, so the ride is peaceful. We love being together and enjoy all the time to talk and sing and joke around. It is just the planning of it all I despise!

Which is why I have procrastinated the planning of our yearly family trip to Zion. Which is happening very soon. Which is causing me stress. Which may be partly the reason why I made 3 pies last Saturday because I was craving pie. No, I haven't eaten it all. Of course not! But I think I had to feel like I was accomplishing something, since I wasn't getting anywhere with the vacation plans, so I made pies.

My goal today is to get the entire thing booked. If I don't, I may be making more pies. Or worse. Maybe a lasagna, and some chocolate mousse, with sauteed green beans and....
See? This is why I MUST get this vacation planned.... TODAY!!!!