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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I'm sitting in my sewing room pinning something.

From behind me, I hear a "scritch.... scratch.... scurry....."

I lean my head against the back wall.

"Scritch.... scratch.... scritchy scratch...."

I slam on the wall.

It stops.

Later, I am sitting on the couch (unpicking something I sewed... ya, unpicking.) when I hear above my head:

"Scurry... scurry.... scritch... scratch.... scratch...."

I stand up on the couch to listen closer.....

"scratch scratch scratch......"

I slam on the ceiling.

It stops.

I open the cupboards, the closets, the drawers and there is NO sign of mice. We have NEVER had a mouse problem in this house--- EVER!!!!!

I am freaking out, though. Houses don't normally "scritch and scratch" do they? And I'm pretty sure they don't scurry.

How do you get a mouse out of the walls of your house????

I don't want to go downstairs anymore.

I think I'm moving tomorrow.


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Yuck we are in the exact same situation! I saw one running across the floor the other night and we have yet to find it. I'm so scared of it crawling on me in my sleep!

Jess said...

You need a cat. Do you like cats?