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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bountiful Baskets are Bountiful!

Wow, two posts in one day! This is unusual! (Oh, you must read the kitchen remodel update below if you haven't yet!)

So, a few weeks ago I purchased my first Bountiful Basket from the food co-op group. Let me just say, it is both Bountiful, and Basket-y! (Well, it all comes in a laundry basket, if you can count that as a basket, but it was certainly bountiful!)

I thought I'd take a picture of what we got. This was what was in the regular basket ($15- assorted fruits and vegetables.) Look at all those lemons!
And this is everything thing we purchased, including the add-on italian mix with lots of fresh herbs!!!

We paid $24 for all of this. And for kicks, my hubby and I went to the grocery store and priced every single thing to see if we had saved anything. Guess how much we would have spent at the grocery store for all of this? $67!!!! That's right! We saved a whopping $43, and the quality was unbeatable!

I will definitely be doing this again, and again!
(You can sign up HERE to join. You don't have to volunteer to help sort if you don't want, and you truly get an amazing assortment! They also offer delicious breads and granola as well!)


Shantell said...

I totally want to try this. How do I sign up?

Lauren said...

I wanted to try it this week, but there wasn't anything available in my area this time :(. Hopefully next week! That is a LOT of produce.