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Friday, February 4, 2011

It's in the signs...

This is the 3rd and last post for today. I promise! (there are two others before this one.)

I just had to post the picture of shame.  A few days ago I put a large brown cabinet outside that had been in our kitchen the past few years. It is a piece of ____, and I had no desire to keep it.  So, there is no better way to get rid of junk around here than to put it out on your front lawn with a sign that says "Free". (Well, actually, the best way would be to just put it out there, not intending for it to be taken at all, in which case it would surely be snatched up!)

Anyway, in the interest of speed, I wanted to make sure everyone in the area knew it was free. Take it. Now! So, I put under the "Free" sign, a spanish word. I googled it. Google is always right, isn't it? I typed "Free, in spanish" into the Google search bar. It gave me this:
I was later informed that "Gratis" would have been more appropriate. I, however, am of the belief that "Libre" expressed more aptly exactly how I felt at finally getting rid of this beast, and finally FINALLY starting my kitchen remodel!

I am liberated!!!!!