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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Day Rant.

To all you who say "Valentine's Day is Stupid"...

To all you who say "We shouldn't have to show our love to our significant others today just because someone  decided to make it an official day...."

To all you husbands who resent the fact that greeting card companies and chocolate makers and florists make a killing off this day because of all those dumb "schmucks" out there who feel they have to follow in the endless line of mindless sheep being lead to their slaughter with red hearts and boxes of chocolate...

I say, WHY NOT??? Why not just give in and enjoy the love all around you? Why not just buy that woman a little token of love, or make her a cute little hand-made card? You do love her, right? So is it so bad to show it on a day when everyone else is showing it as well... just because????  Why not just throw your arms open and embrace Valentines Day???!!!!

My husband did today, and you know what? He survived! And I think he actually may have enjoyed eating lunch with me in the park. So, see? It's not that bad!

It could be fun! (And you might get lucky!)


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Amen!! Of course, I didn't love it when I was single, but now it is one of my favorite holidays. Something fun and happy to look forward to in the middle of winter!