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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random day off...

How did my son and I spend today? He had a random day off of school (for some teacher prep something or other. Whow knows?) so we enjoyed time together. What did we do?

We made a towering pagoda out of dominos. He kept saying "Good Job, mom. You're really good at this."  Nothing like your little son telling you good things about yourself to lift your self esteem!

We went and picked up tile at Home Depot for our basement. I nearly dropped it on my foot, and almost pulled a muscle in my back lifting it out of the cart. I almost wish I had, then my hubby would feel sorry for me and put the heating pad on my back, and feel guilty for not having been there himself. hee hee. My son told me I was pretty strong.... for a mom.

We went to the toy store where my son picked out a special birthday present for himself with money his Grandma and Grandpa sent him. Yep. He got another Webkinz. That kid and his little stuffed animals. He has such a soft spot for them. He told me once he knows he'll be a good dad because he takes such good care of his animals. It's true. While I gave my Barbies mohawks and melted their feet over the gas stove, he makes little beds for all his Webkinz. He knits little caps for each of them, and has made a towering Webkinz condominium!

We went out on a lunch date. That kid can put away a whole Training Table burger! And fries! And a drink! I don't know where he keeps it all, but he can eat me under the table now. Which means I will be buying him new pants soon. He seems to grow an inch every month! I'm not ready for a 10 year old! (Next week, by the way.)

We went Sunday shoe shopping, but didn't find anything. For some reason he doesn't love shoe shopping as much as his mommy. I just don't get it. Shoe shopping is my passion!

Not a bad random day off if you ask me!