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Friday, February 11, 2011

So I'm really a 6 year old.... so sue me!

I waited all day long yesterday to talk to my son's teacher about something.

It was parent/teacher conferences. No, I wasn't going to talk to him about how much I strongly disagree with timed math tests. No, I wasn't going to mention that he really needs to send notes home to the parents letting them know when a field trip is coming up rather than expect 9 year olds to be responsible enough to tell their parents about said field trip before the DAY OF!

Then, what was so important to discuss with him, you ask?

Valentines Day!

I sat at his desk with anxious anticipation. Yes...yes... great on reading.... doing better in math....blah blah blah... ok, I get it, I have a good kid..... blah... blah.... 

Now let's get to the meat of this conference.

"So..." (I sat on the edge of my seat, licking my lips with nervous energy.) "Are you having a Valentine's party on Monday, and does my kid need to make some kind of valentine box, and can he bring treats?"

(Of course, I knew the answer would be yes to all 3 questions. It's Valentines Day, for heaven's sake. What teacher doesn't do that kind of thing in their class....... I didn't take into account male teachers.)

"Well... you know...."

(Uh oh... I hadn't expected this. I know what???? What do I know??? That Valentine's day is the perfect holiday with love and hearts and candy and fun ingeniously decorated valentine card boxes and holders? What?)

"Coming from a Jr.High background..." (Oh no... Jr. High? Nothing good can come from JR. High!)  "I feel that 4th graders are really expected to step it up in their school work and accountability. I guess I just figured we'd skip the whole kiddy valentine party this year."

(What? What's that he's mumbling? Something about valentine's and skipping? Am I hearing right?)

*blink* *blink*

"But.... I guess the kids are really kind of expecting it, so we'll do a read-a-thon most of the day..."

*blink* *blink*
"... and a small party the last half hour of class. They can pass around their little cards and treats then, I guess."

*blink* *blink*

"So, yes... your son can make a valentine's box and bring valentines and treats for everyone on Monday."

(sigh of relief!) "Great! I'll make sure he does that!"

(Translation: I'll make sure he's at least somewhere in the house when I assemble every red and white thing I can find and create the most spectacular valentine's box in the history of the world for me to put all my valentines... I mean, HIM, to put all of his valentines in.)

I mean, come on! What teacher doesn't let their kids do Valentines?????? That's just obsurd!~

(That teacher doesn't know how narrowly he avoided having the principal called in to intervene! Lucky for him I knew he was really joking, even if he didn't.)

And yes... I am truly a child at heart. And in many other respects. More outwardly than at heart, actually. Especially when it comes to Valentine's Day!