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Monday, March 10, 2008

My Titanic Didn't Sink

I admit it, I am somewhat dillusional. As my mom often says, "I only remember the good things". I think I have taken after her in this, I only like to think of the good things. Worse yet, I even twist and change things in my head to make them good.
Especially with movies or books. If a movie ends badly, I will turn it off, and imagine a totally different ending in my head, this is what allows me to sleep at night. I did this with the movie "Titanic" . I watch the beginning to where they end up on the front of the boat, the "King of the World" part, and then I just turn it off. I like to pretend they all made it to America, alive, and lived happily ever after. People say, "Have you seen Titanic?" and I say, "Oh, Ya, I loved the ending!" I get strange looks, but at least I'm not feeling sad about the whole thing like everyone else!

"Fiddler on the Roof" is another one I have to change. It is too heart breaking to see this good family suffering so. The father means well, but hurts his youngest daughter because he has to put his foot down. And then his family has to pick up and leave their village..... oh, it's too sad to recant. I like to imagine they all move to Austria where they become the "Von Trap family singers" and sing their way down the Rein... until the Germans come to kick them out, and then I pretend they sing so well that the Germans decide they were in the wrong and quit the war! See, I'm sick in the head!

I like to think of myself as "positively challenged", meaning that I am so inclined to see the good in things that it is very difficult for me to see the reality. Is that so wrong? What if everyone were this way? Would it really be so bad to have everyone read Period Romance novels, watching the "Jane Austen" channel 24/7, and being polite to each other? I like to think that everyone secretly does these things already! This thinking, did however get me into some trouble when I'd break up with a boyfriend. Sometimes I'd try to pretend it didn't happen and then there'd be the whole Restraining Order thing, you know how it can get. (just kidding! NO, really, I'm not being dillusional, I really am just kidding about this!)

With that said, I"d better shew these chirping, rhyming birds out of my bedroom after they finish helping me get dressed, so I can go do the dishes with my friends the mice... Jack, and Gus-Gus. For, someday my prince will come and he'll carry me off on his steed to Hawaii for an extended vacation eating fresh pineapple and having coconut milk rubbed all over my body with palm fronds while watching the pink and blue sunset aboard my luxury liner the "Elizabeth Bennett". Farewell, all!


Loralee Choate said...

I think that we should call the Irish lady from the Titanic and have her tell us stories.

(Dude. PLEASE tell me you remember that!)

Erin Evans Taylor said...

Are you kidding???? Of course I remember that!!!! I was telling Merritt about it the other day, and we couldn't stop laughing!!!!

I can't believe you called me "Dude"!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Erin, that is a great trait to have. I only seem to remember the bad things sometimes. Being positive is such a great thing.

Loralee Choate said...

Dude, I call EVERYONE, Dude.



Andrea said...

Can I come???

Anonymous said...

Okay, this reminds me of the comment in YW, where one of the girls went on a tangent and asked you how Heath Leadger died? You looked at her with such a sweet expression and said, "Hmmm, I don't remember?" I just about peed my pants! Now I realize maybe you don't know how he died? Maybe when they announced his death, you turned off the TV and imagined that he is in a tropical island getting coconut massaged all over his bod! :) He, he

Erin Evans Taylor said...

i would never imagine such a thing as rubbing coconut oil all over Heath Leadger in Young Women!!!! Actually, at that exact moment that girl asked how he died, I remembered he was in that "Brokeback Mountain" movie, and thought maybe he wasn't the best subject for a Beehive lesson, so I just said "I can't remember" and changed the subject. I like to pretend he didn't make that movie, though. Maybe he wishes now he hadn't!!!!

Anonymous said...

:) I still enjoyed your face at that moment!

Whit said...

I love you! :)