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Friday, May 16, 2008

30- Something- ish.....

Do any of you remember the show "30-something"? I was younger when it was on, but found it to be pretty good. I don't think I fully appreciated it, though, because I wasn't 30-ish. Now that I am, well, it's a whole different story!

Turning 30 was hard for me. I always felt like I was still 24, and probably acted like it, too. My hubby went all out that birthday. He surprised me with crepes in bed and balloons, and a wad of cash, and a facial, and arranged for my sister to spend the day shopping with me while he cleaned the house and watched all our kids. It was the best birthday ever! When asked later why he did that, he said it was because he knew turning 30 was hard for me and he wanted it to be a good day. What a sweetie!

On Monday, May 19th, well....... lets just say I'm a few years older.... ok, 5 to be exact. (I have always been bothered by people who won't own up to their age!) 35 is even worse than 30! It means, I am in my mid-30's. I am officially 30-something. Ugh.... whenever I think about it I get more wrinkles , and I am certain I just felt a vericose vein pop out on my leg! I don't feel a day over 27!!!!

The other night at choir practice, the guy I sit next to was talking about how old he is getting, that he has a few grey hairs already. I said, "Woa.. you can't be more than 26!" and he said he was exactly 26, but that was old enough. I said he didn't know what old was, and he said, "well, you aren't one to talk, you're what? 27?" I would have kissed him right there, but my sweet hubby was watching! (j/k!) I think it's because I still act 24!

So, hubby, if you're reading this- which I know you aren't because you don't believe in blogging- I wouldn't mind another great birthday. I know I have way more grey hairs now than I did 5 years ago (even though you can't see them because of my "natural" coloring). My bones ache more now than they did, my boobs sag much more, my wrinkles are looking like real wrinkles, my knees are even getting wrinkles. I use moisturizer cream now- which I never did before, I use anti-wrinkle cream- a scam I am certain of, but I also know the power of positive thinking, and hope that in thinking I have fewer wrinkles will make it so! If there was an age fairy, I'd ask her to bring me back my 20's!!!!

So, come Monday, you may find me crabby and reclusive. Just leave me to my wrinkles and sags. Don't come near my hiddeousness- stay far, far away! I'm sure by Tuesday I'll be back to my old self again, only a much older self. I'll try to get out in my walker and maybe make it to the corner for a bit of exercise. I may try to make it to the bathroom without help. I'll go on....... somehow. I will survive!


Loralee Choate said...

I still tell people your "I'm not old until I can't be Miss Riverton" story. (HEE).

I'm just glad Jon is turning 32 tomorrow. for the next 6 months it will look on paper like I'm only a year older! Hee!

Erin Evans Taylor said...

Ya, well, I was too old to be Miss Riverton when I turned 27. Luckily I was married by then!

Notice the tomb stone- in my old age I can't even spell the words on my tombstone right!