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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Bachelor: Reality Calling?????

I watched the first season of "The Bachelor" several years ago. I got sucked into it. The entire time I watched, I would say, this is ridiculous! What woman with any sense of self respect would put herself through this torture?! They are young and gorgeous, although many are totally pathetically wacked, if I may say so. Yet, I continued to watch. And then I watched the second season, and the third.....

If you don't know what The Bachelor is, (mom) it is where 20 women all meet one eligable bachelor on a night of elegant flirting. These women get a few hours to show their personality to this one man. Each tries to steal a little moment to talk to him and be "unforgettable". Some are very classy and catch his eye right off. Others are totally pathetic- trying to intimidate the other women, shoving underwear into his pockets, dancing on table tops, etc. Things I would never do on a first, second.... 10th date! I feel bad for those women who will go to any lengths to get chosen. I think, what is it in their life that makes them feel they have to humiliate themselves to get a man to like them!

At the end of the night, the bachelor has to narrow it down to 10 women, I think. He offers them each a rose, and those that don't get picked usually graciously leave and say it was a fun experience. I say usually, because there is always that one who is in tears, saying she thought they had a real connection, that he was the one for her. Come on! After a few hours of sharing a man with 19 other women, and you think it was kismet???? Really!

I often feel bad for the guy- really, I do! Women can be nasty! They can be back-biting, and catty, and ruthless! I personally don't know why any man would want to be The Bachelor, in the first place! However, I guess some may be truly looking for real love. (Ok, maybe one.) I have heard news stories of other "Bachelor" contestants who supposedly got engaged, but never get married. It ALWAYS fails! Always! I think one Bachelor couple has gotten married. I think it is because people aren't really there for the right reasons, and they get swept up in the drama of it all, and the rush of winning. I think women can convince themselves they love almost anyone. When the cameras are off, the men see they don't know this woman at all, or vice versa. It fizzles a few months later and that's the end. One bachelor, though, had the guts to not only not propose, (a few have said they wouldn't propose, but gave a ring as a sort of "promise" ring...)but he sent BOTH the end women home! It was a little dissappointing that no one won, but it showed some guts, I think. Some true honesty. And he wasn't even my favorite Bachelor. I thought he was kind of goofy.

The Bachelorette, however, is a totally different story! I watched that one, and knew right from the start this would be different. They could call this "Bachelor Reject" because she is the "other" woman who didn't get chosen in the end. Of course, it is entertaining- eye candy for me, fewer women laying around in bikinis for sure, but I think that the men are less likely to put on a show for the woman, making it easier to know the real guy he is. It turned out she did find the man of her dreams, got married, and they have a baby and are living a semi-normal life. I do have to say, though, I don't know that I could really respect a guy who "won" me on a game show!

So, with that all said, I have not been an entirely faithful "Bachelor" watcher. I mean, life is busy, I don't watch ANY shows on TV anymore- who has time?! However, I have watched a few episodes here and there on the internet. It's like a train wreck for me, I get sucked in. The psychologist in me wants to diagnose each and every woman on the show and figure out why on EARTH she would put herself through that! Then I want to find out who in their right mind would even date one of those women after watching them on the show! Then, I want to find out if the end relationship really does last, and why!

So, yes, I got sucked in to watching "The Bachelor: London Calling" this season. In my defense, I was very sick and stuck in bed for a few days, so what else was there to do? I am ashamed I wasted my time watching psychotic people make fools of themselves and wear their hearts on their sleeves. However, I did enjoy it! So, I will be anxiously waiting to see if this one really sticks. He is a nice, easy-going british guy, she is an L.A. actress.... hmmm....... do I think it will last........ I think the answer is a big fat NO. But, oddly enough, I am rooting for them. I hope it does last. I hope it really is true love. I hope I get a life and don't get sucked into another season of The Bachelor!


Heidi said...

I'm going to just stay far away from that show... I enjoy reality tv, so I try not to watch any of them!!!

Jen said...

Who didn't love watching Tristan pick Ryan and actually live "happily ever after"? I agree - the bachelorette is so much better! I got sucked in this season too, and was totally ecstatic that he picked Shayne. It may not last, but I am sure hoping it does! Pathetic that we care!

Loralee Choate said...

It's the daughter of Lorenzo Llamas and I can see that relationship lasting like five minutes after the camera is off.

Anonymous said...

I am right with you. I get sucked in every season, don't miss an episode, but the whole time I think, why do I watch this? You know it is never going to work out, but for some reason I love it. Jotham knows it is my time to watch tv, when he walks in during the Bacehlor I yell at him to go away because he always ruins it for me. He pulls me back into reality by laughing at everyone the whole time, or talking about how lame it is. Even though i know he is right, I hate to be reminded of it.

I am excited for the next one, The Bachelorette and Deanna. Should be good. I liked her.