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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom, you ROCK!!!!!

I didn't get a chance to write this yesterday, but I am writing it now. Mom, this post is for you!

Mom, you are my rock!
-You have gone through more difficult things in your life than I could ever survive and not be insane!
-You always stayed close to the church, even when it probably seemed that Heavenly Father couldn't possibly be doing what was best for you. (He was, though!)
-You always made us get up at the crack of dawn with a happy annoying song. (I do that now!)
- You were unwavering at reading scriptures every morning with us, and saying family prayers!
-You have an adventurous spirit, always ready to hop in the car and take us camping, or on a long road trip to Yellowstone, or Arches, or Canada!

- Your "GET IT DONE" attitude packed up my entire home when I had just given birth and we needed to move! And you did it in one day! You are still a go-getter!!!!!
- You never complain about things! Your attitude is always positive and happy!
- You have cute little tiny white feet!
- You put up with my sassy teenage years, and didn't sell me to the gypsies after all.
- You are always willing to take us to nice places to eat, and occasionally buy us that cute outfit- all for just not putting you in a rest home someday!
- You helped us HUGELY getting into our little house! What a blessing!!!!
- You always used to play "Claire de Lune" at night when I was going to bed. It made our home so peaceful!
- You are the best grandma Eason could ever ask for!

I love you more than I can ever tell you, Mom! I know, now, how hard your life must have been being our mother, but I- for one- am glad you are MY mom!!!!
Happy Mother's Day!!!!


Loralee Choate said...

I have always thought that Ramona ROCKS. She's just a cool mom.

Mom Watson said...

Let me wipe away my tears so I can see the keys to write this! I am honored by your comments, and even more for the opportunity to be your Mom. My children have been my greatest joy in life!

What I want to know is where did you get those pictures? I've never seen them before! They're a testament that once I used to have a girlish figure!

Love you Babe!