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Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Feel Like Alexander. I want to go to Australia.

Ahhh..... I finally get a moment to blog. But just a moment! I will recap my week so far:
Monday- woke up not feeling very well, but not too bad. By lunch, still feeling yucky, and getting yuckier by the minute. Afternoon, Eason comes home, I'm in deep REM stage sleep sideways on bed with my feet hanging off. ( I LOVE to hang my feet off the end when I sleep, but since we got a Cal-King bed, the bottom is too far away for my short legs! I NEVER did this as a child because of the Green Hand under my bed.)Dinner- I don't remember. Bedtime- I threw up, went to bed and I never got up again.
Tuesday- Felt really yucky. Hoped it would get better. It didn't. Panicked about a young women activity I was supposed to drive the girls to. Tried to "Will" myself better... didn't work, my will is weak. Sweet hubby risked his life at the "scarey" grocery store ( a Reams in a scarey part of town close to his work- always keep your hands on your wallet and don't look anyone in the eye) to do grocery shopping for me at lunch and got me soup, then realized he had forgotten his wallet so I had to get in the car and drive to the scarey grocery store to give it to him without puking in the car. Was able to keep the soup down. Dinner- went to get Eason at friends across the street. No one was home, he wasn't at any of the neighbors' houses. I panicked, Merritt went to the school and he was there with his friend and his dad. I cried and cried when he got home. He will NEVER do that again!Wednesday- felt quite a bit better, still not tip top. Had to sew two aprons. Ate first real meal for lunch in 3 days.
Today so far- I have 4 aprons to make by tomorrow, got up to make them and dog was constipated and in pain. Gave dog an enema- yes, it was gross! Dog felt better, got online to find cowgirl fabric for apron, noticed dog had tracked muddy feet all over the freshly scrubbed floor my hubby did when I was unconscious on Monday, and got muddy feet prints on my new couch pillows! Arg!!! Had to bathe dog and cut his long scraggly hair. Still haven't started the 4 aprons! Still haven't found cowgirl fabric!!!!

Sometimes, I wonder if it's better to not get out of bed.


Anonymous said...

You poor thing! It's horrible being sick. Especially when you have a kid and life can't stop. Hope you are feeling better.