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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And the Worst Mother in the World award goes to....

Me! Yep, that's right. Today, I am officially the Worst Mother in the World. My actions are inexcusable. In fact, I can't even be called "mother" after what I did today.

My son has been bugging me to let him have breakfast at school. (Like my toast isn't good enough for him?) We're never ready early enough for him to do it, so we haven't. However, today he got up extra early and got dressed quickly. I knew breakfast was served until 8:15, so at 5 after 8 we headed over to the school. When we got in, they had everything all put away and closed up. I asked the lunch lady if they were still serving breakfast, and she said it only goes until 8!!!!!

So, my poor little wretched child is at school now with no food in his little tummy while I sit here eating a bowl of cereal. :( Call child services on me.... I deserve it!

Did I mention that yesterday I served my husband scorched, mushy Kraft mac n'cheese? It was the most disgusting thing I think has ever come out of my kitchen! I felt so bad about it I made him authentic fish and chips from scratch for dinner. Hopefully it made up for my ineptitude at lunch in some way.


Doney Days said...

HAHAHA! You're hilarious! I think he'll survive. I think there's lots of worse things that people do, including myself, like when I threw an Otter Pop across my kitchen because I was so pissed that Zane kept changing his mind on which color he wanted and crying! We laugh about it now!