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Monday, September 22, 2008

Vacation... Yay!!!!!!

We are going to St. George and Zions canyon tomorrow!!!! Yipppeeeeeee!!!! We went last year and saw "42nd Street" at the Tuacahn amphitheater. We had front row tickets and my son absolutely LOVED it! Of course, he was staring up at several shapely ladies tap dancing in very short dresses, what's not to love, right? (incidentally, he and his dad both liked the same dancer.... hmmmmmmm.....)This year we have 3rd row seats to see "Les Miserables". We could have got 1st row again, but that was just a bit too close. I am sooo excited!

We hiked all over the petrified sand dunes in Snow canyon, and hiked through Zions, and it was gorgeous weather... most of the time. A cold front came in on the last night and we froze in the pool. But this year is supposed to be perfect!

So, no more blog posts for me until next Sunday! I'm off to see the wizard of Zion's canyon! It's going to be warm, and beautiful, and we have pools at both our hotels, and we're going to be able to relax and..... ok, I'm getting too excited now! Better tone it down!

See ya later, alligator!


heather said...

Oh man that sounds good. I am a big red rock person! Have fun...

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Hope you guys had a good time and that Merritt enjoyed his break from work. I'm jealous you go to go see Les Mis. That is my favorite musical! Hopefully it wasn't too scorching down there!