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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things I've learned about myself...

1) Tastes change: something you may not like now you could end up liking later in life. I LOVED avacados as a kid, got sick one time and didn't eat them for several years until about 7 years ago when I liked them again. Also, I have always hated onions, but am getting to where I like them cooked with pot roast, or waved over a pot of stew. I still pick them out of things, but don't mind the cooked flavor so much. I also used to dream of living in a big city in a high rise apartment with black and white and red decor throughout. Now, I detest the city, wished I lived in the country with acres of land, and prefer a warmer decor in my home.

2) I avoid getting too close: I avoid making deep, long-lasting friendships because I am afraid they will end, and I want to avoid the pain of that. So, I don't call friends, don't have spontaneous luncheons, don't reach out in any way. I know, pathetic. But, true. I have, however, started blogging which has re-connected me with some friends I haven't heard from in a long time.

3) I'm not a good housekeeper: those of you who have come to my home already know this. I am not good at organizing things, so having no storage space in my tiny abode, I get discouraged very quickly, thus, clutter. I've seen worse, though, so I don't feel too badly about my clutter. At least I cook and spend time with my family!

4) I think everything can or should be fixed by a nice, homecooked treat: When hubby is down, I bake his favorite cheesecake. A friend of ours got divorced, I baked zuchini bread for him. The problem, my son is not tempted by food much, so when he's had a bad day, saying "I'll bake you some cookies" doesn't fix it. What's wrong with you?!

5) I'm not wild and crazy: I prefer to stay at home and watch a good movie in bed with my family and popcorn than go out on the town. I never went clubbing as a youngster- ok, I did once, and hated it! My normal bedtime is 10:30 pm.

6) I have "mood hair": I change my hair color according to the mood I'm in. If it's a bad mood, I color it bright red- it makes me feel powerful, in control. I go more blond if I am feeling pretty, and sassy. I grow it long when I need to feel more feminine, but usually end up wacking it way off because I feel more at home with a more perky hairdo. Long hair says "serious, mature, sophisticated". Maybe that's why I never last long with longer hair!

7) I am very opinionated, and know my way is always right: even when it's wrong, I feel my ideas and opinions are correct. I make a decision and never look back. If it doesn't go how I planned, it wasn't a mistake, I just make a different decision and go from there. I can pick out paint color for a room in 5 minutes flat- it's taken my hubby 7 years to decide on a paint color for our house! I like that I can make decisions so quickly- it makes me feel empowered- and right!

8) I like change: I rearrange my living room several times a year. I am always thinking of ways to recover my furniture to change the look, I think moving to a new place would be exciting.

9) I have little patience: I like what I like, when I like it. I don't like waiting. I am not patient with inconsistant people, either. I think people with religious beliefs should live what they believe, not claim to believe and then live something completely differently. (note: I edited this one because I realized my coments before were too harsh and not really true to how I feel. They came out sounding judgemental, the very thing I have no patience for!)

10)I don't care what other people think about me: I have come to realize, that for the most part, I don't care! If someone doesn't like me, too bad for them. If someone judges me because I'm too loud, too fat, too- whatever, I don't care! I may not wear designer clothes, drive fancy cars, live in an afluent neighborhood, get my hair done by someone other than myself, scrapbook- but this is who I am! I hope you like it, but if not, I'm not hurt by it.. too much.

11) I adore my family: I love cooking for them, seeing their happy faces when I do something nice for them, serving them first, making sure they don't forget things, running special errands for them, singing to them, hugging them, reading together with them! Yay for eternal families!


Whit said...

You are so great! I want your cheesecake recipe!

heather said...

So fun to read. Good luck at the boutique! I love those...