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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My daily routine...

Preparing for my first ever boutique show. I am probably making way too much out of it all, I mean, it's just a little backyard boutique, right? It could rain and nobody would even show up.... but, I am still very excited and nervous.

My daily routine is as follows:

4:30 AM: wake up thinking about aprons and what the heck am I going to do for a display

5:00 AM: lay in bed thinking I should either get up and go sew something, or go to the gym.

6:00 AM: Still in bed....

7:16 AM: Alarm goes off and I get up to wake up the kid and fix breakfast

8:25 AM: walk kid to school, kiss hubby goodbye

8:45 AM: eat breakfast, read emails and blogs

9:00 AM: go to gym, think about aprons and displays while trying not to think about getting nowhere on a treadmill

10:00 AM: back home, shower

10:30 AM: do dishes,pick up clutter around house, feel panicky that I haven't started "doing" anything yet

11:00 AM: go down to sewing room and sew

12:00: still sewing

12:30 pm: start making lunch for hubby, wish I could be sewing instead of cooking

1:00 PM: take lunch to hubby- try to relax and enjoy the break... it's not working.

2:00 PM: back home... sew again.... run out of thread

2:30 PM: dash to fabric store for more thread.... angry for the waste of time!

3:05 PM: go pick up son from school, talk to him about his day, help him do homework, supervise reading time, tell him "NO, you can't play your video game until your homework and reading are all finished" about a million times.

4:30 PM: fold laundry, give up sewing for the day

5:30 PM: begin cooking dinner

6:30 PM: eat dinner with family

7:00 PM: play with son, talk to hubby, don't think about going downstairs and finishing that last bit on that apron...

8:00 PM: try to get the kid to get ready for bed in only 10 minutes this time....

8:30 PM: still trying to get the kid to get ready for bed... grrrrrrrr....

8:40 PM: after threatening to lose all video games, kid finally finishes brushing his teeth. We have scripture study and family prayer, then begin bedtime ritual. Tuck kid in, have a million goodnight kisses and hugs, leave the room.... "Mom!" go back into the room... "What!".... "I'm thirsty"... "You can't have a drink, you'll wet the bed"... "But...".... "NO! now goodnight!" A few more "Mom"s and I ignore it... finally goes to sleep.

9:15 PM: hubby needs some attention. Feeling neglected. Watch some T.V. in bed.

10:00 PM: hubby says time to go to bed... but I'm not sleepy. I still need to sew! Kiss hubby goodnight and sneak downstairs to finish apron!