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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I wish....

The following is just some random "wishes" I have. Just begin every statement with "I Wish..."

-I had more patience
-I was more responsible with money
-I was the type of person who got their hair done in a real salon
-I had more 'girly girl' time
-going to the gym wasn't like going to the dentist every stinking morning!
-I had more kids
-my son had friends in the neighborhood to play with
-people would be kinder to eachother
-I had a privacy fence around my yard
-my tomatoes hadn't all died when I went to Europe
-fears wouldn't get in the way of success
-I could remember to take the library books back on time
-shrimp didn't cost so much
-cigarettes would be illegal
-we could get over bad things and never remember them again
-we didn't have to pay so many taxes
-I looked better in pinks and yellows
-I could think more before I spoke
-kids would just obey
-my feet hadn't grown when I had a baby
-my sister lived in Utah again
-I could afford that beautiful new comforter I saw in the store
-we could teleport
-there was no evil
-Christmas was here already
-I could see my nieces more
-I had time to do all the Halloween crafts I want to do
-I knew how to knit, or had time to learn
-I liked onions- life would be much easier
-I looked better in a swimsuit
-this blog post was more interesting!
-our neighborhood was nicer (not necessarily bigger, fancier homes, but in a better area where my son could play outside and ride his bike in the street and I wouldn't worry)
-I was in a better mood today!


Heidi said...

I'm telling ya... move over this way! I've got a neighbor or two that *should* be near death...


heather said...

Great post..I have had so many days like this and can relate to a lot on your list!