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Monday, December 15, 2008

Can you FEEL the Christmas joy???

Boy, am I in the Christmas spirit or what?

I finished my craft boutique show on Saturday, and was GLAD to be done! I had to drive in a terrible snow storm to get there, my stuff was clear down in the theater room of the basement, it was hot, and hardly anyone came through! Oh, a woman doing people's toe-nails in the other room had stolen my pink waste basked I put by my display for people to put their hangers or messed-up entry forms in. She just dumped all my hangers and stuff out onto the floor so she could borrow it to put her stinky, dirty foot garbage in! I couldn't believe it! She just giggled and said, "Oh, I hope you don't mind, I borrowed your garbage can. People were putting all that stuff in it and I figured I'd just use it for my garbage." There was no, "Do you mind if I borrow this?" or "I'm sorry for dumping all your stuff out onto the floor in front of all your pretty aprons, messing up your display so I could steal your pretty pink waste basket!"

The next morning when I went back, she had replaced the garbage can WITH all her crap still in it- and mine sitting on the floor next to it. Gee... thanks, lady! I hid my basket behind my stuff so she couldn't walk off with it again. I couldn't help but notice the towel she had draped over the foot rest she had her customers use to get their feet done. It was dirty, and had glitter all over it from the previous customers. She didn't even change the towel between customers? Gross! I was going to suggest to her that she change it, but she didn't have any customers on Saturday, so everyone's feet were saved from sharing fungus!

Did I mention I felt like CRAP on Saturday? Ya, stuffy nose, sore throat, sinus headache, deep chest cough... So, all in all, the craft show was NOT a screaming success. Oh, I did sell all my Twilight aprons, but that was IT!

Ok... breathe.... I can now focus on getting my house in order for Christmas. Today's list includes: dishes, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, loads and loads and loads of laundry, sewing special apron orders, going to post office, buying a PS2 for the little kiddle, and getting the guest room ready for guests this week. Did I forget anything?

Oh... I can already feel the headache coming on! Merry Christmas!