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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

O Christmas Tree...

I have always wanted a pretty THEME tree for my living room. You know, the one that doesn't get all the kid's homemade ornaments hung haphazzardly on it, or the ornaments given by loving neighbors that don't match a single thing in your house? I love my traditional tree that does sort of have a theme, (sailboats and lighthouses) but also has many mismatched ornaments as well. It is the tree that holds all the memories, the ones you talk about as you put up all the ornaments.

However, this year, I FINALLY got my theme tree! Ok, it's not the dream theme tree, but I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I got the ornaments at next to nothing, and love it! My little guy helped me decorate it, and for once I didn't have to rearrange all the ornaments he had put up- he actually got the concept of spacing and arranging! (Should I be worried?)

Anyway, here is my theme- "The Heavens", with stars and angels! Yay for Christmas Trees!!!!!