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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Malnutrition and the Tutu monster

The holidays are not the best time for good nutrition, you know what I mean? People constantly bringing over treats, being so busy making them yourself you don't have time to cook so you throw a frozen pizza in the oven, shopping for presents all day long you stop to grab a $.99 burrito, you know.

Apparently my son is feeling the effects of his holiday malnutrition. Last night, after eating 3/4 of a frozen Red Baron pizza, he came downstairs with a handfull of dogfood.

"Why do you have dog food in your hand? You know Nappy won't eat it that way. Go back and put it in his bowl."

"It's not for him."

"Ummm... ok. Why do you have dogfood in your hand?"

"Grandpa says dog food has lots of fiber."


He pops a piece into his mouth and eats it!

"Gross!" I said. Then, curiosity got me, "How does it taste?"

"Ummmmm...... like dog food."

and he proceeds to eat the rest like popcorn!

Weird kid! Oh, follow up to yesterday's post. He invited his friend over to play, and a few minutes later he came in looking like this:

Who are this kid's parents, anyway???


Lauren said...

I'm sure they fought over who got to wear the tutus.