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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas progress report....

I am very much a "list" person, this is the only way I can be remotely organized, so I decided to post the items I had to get done yesterday and check them off as I go. I guess this is really more for myself than any of you. I mean, how exciting is it for you to read about my "to do" list?

crochet several scarves and hats: I have done one scarf and hat, but have decided to reduce the items to 2, not 6 as originally planned.

make a robe and pajamas: pajamas are done!

make 3 different kinds of fudge to take to neighbors: Finished! Yay!!!

finish 2 aprons: finished one so far!

somehow sneak off to the store to get the stocking stuffers- done! Yay!!!!

shorten the sleeves on a dress shirt, which I've never done and am totally freaked out to do...

make a fruit cake

get stockings out of the attic

clean house from top to bottom

bathe the dog (this takes 2 whole hours, by the way!)

I'd better get crackin'!