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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa Knows....

Santa knows something I don't know.

Santa knows that come the holidays, I ALWAYS over-do it and become quite frazzled.

Santa knows that I have spend hours upon hours shopping for the perfect gifts, baking the perfect neighbor treats, planning the spiritual Young Women lesson that will make them all cry, cleaning the house so it looks pretty and nice for Santa to come, worrying over did I go out of the Christmas budget AGAIN....

Santa knows these things.

That's why, on Christmas morning, he sends me on a fun scavenger hunt... EVERY Christmas... where I find pretty smelling lotions and decadent body washes along the way with clues attached. He leads me out into the snow, down to the basement, behind toilets, under mattresses, just to make the experience more enjoyable.

And this year he gave me a gift card so I could go indulge myself at the mall of my choice, with specific instructions to "only come back with girly stuff". (Santa knows I like to buy my guys stuff.)

This year, Santa knew I needed some quiet time to myself after nursing a sick child the week before Christmas trapping me inside for 4 days, so he gave my son a new Playstation 2 (to replace our broken one) and 3 new games to keep him occupied. His parents were a little concerned at all the gaming that would be taking place over the next week, but Santa knew.....

he knew I would need him to be out of my hair for a while!

So, do I feel like a horrible mother for letting my son play video games for hours on end? Ummmmm.......... not really! It's Christmas, for Heaven's sake! Let the kid have some fun! Let the mom enjoy some quiet time!

Thanks, Santa. I really needed the lotions and perfumes, and my new "Bleak House" DVD, and some quiet time.

Santa Always Knows!!!!!!


Jen said...

I love Santa! He is seriously the best!