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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Empty Crib Syndrome...

Today is the last day I tend my cute little Maddie.

She makes me smile. She makes all of us smile. We stood around her like 3 awe-stricken idiots this morning watching her lay there holding her blankie up by her face--- just staring and staring and staring....

She's been the only way I could get my hubby up early the last few weeks. I'd bring her in to wake him up and he'd grin and get up immediately so he could hold her and squeeze her little rolls of fat and kiss her pudgy cheeks. Apparently I just don't have that same power over him, though I have rolls and pudgy cheeks too!

Yes, it is going to be nice to have my day all to myself again. I won't have to time the laundry and grocery shopping with nap times and feedings and diaper changing.

But, I'm going to miss having a little baby around. She has brought a little bit of pink sunshine into this house of mostly boys. I will be outnumbered once again.

:( sniff sniff