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Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't come over! Whatever you do!

To anyone thinking of coming over to visit. This is what you would find when I open my front door:

No, we haven't converted our livingroom to an all-in-one studio apartment. Nor have we created the ultimate everything-at-your-fingertips man-cave for my hubby (much as he would like!).

No, our home is a total construction zone right now.

If you venture into the kitchen, you will see this:

(Most of the time this week I have had to go out the front door, around to the back of the house, and in through the back door to go downstairs. So, I've been doing this every morning- in the freezing cold temperatures, mind you- to make breakfast!)

Notice the brand new countertop! (See it peeking out... just there?)

And the beautiful new tile floors? (yes, it needs grout. Thus, again, I will be forbidden to walk through my kitchen to get to the basement. *sigh*)

BUT... and this is a big but.... my kitchen is FINALLY almost finished!!!! We still need to move some cabinets over to the other wall, install the dishwasher (sitting in a gigantic brown box in the livingroom), paint, and put in the backsplash tile, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

Until then, however, we will continue to trudge outside to get to the kitchen downstairs (at least I've had a kitchen to use through all of this!), and will develop further "black" lung as we inhale all the dust and white film that seems to have settled on* every *single *surface* of this house!  Therefore, you'll excuse me if I act like I'm hiding something when I only open my front door a crack when you come knocking. You understand. One has to hide the large appliances that have taken over the living space!