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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fatal Attraction...

Ok. So, if you want your son to play with my son, here are a few tips:

What NOT to do:
1) Don't make it an official "play date". I hate the term, I hate the obligation it implies! Play dates are for parents of young children who need some adult interraction while their toddlers drool all over the cars and trucks, staring at the other toddlers doing the same things. Not for 8 year olds!

2) Don't call me and complain that my son had another friend over at the same time as your kid. You know what? Sometimes there are lots of kids here, and as long as they are not fighting, I'm happy! I am not going to make sure your particular child is being "taken care of".

3) Don't, I repeat DO NOT tell me "Next time my son comes over, please make sure there aren't any other kids over." This is MY house!

4) When I say, "Call me next Tuesday and we'll see if we can play that day," what I mean is, I don't know yet if that's a good day or not, let's just see. I don't mean, "Let's make it a set-in-stone playdate and then call me 8 more times that day if I don't answer the phone and tell me you're upset because we had a playdate set and how could I make your son upset by not being here!" K?

5) Don't make the mother of your son's friend completely afraid of you! That's not a very good thing!

That's pretty much it, really. I'm going to make a sign to put on my front door:

"Friends Welcome. Leave Baggage at Home!"


Doney Days said...

Holy cow! Did all of that really happen? Sounds like too much drama! I love the sign idea!