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Monday, June 1, 2009

The rest of my hair is now grey!

I had the oportunity of being able to teach the 8-11 year old girls in our ward how to cook a meal for their families on Friday night.

Ummmm........ can I just say, WHAT A CHALLENGE??????

Now, I love cooking. I even love teaching other people how to cook. Keeping an eye on 12 young girls who have never used a sharp knife a day in their life to slice fruits and vegetables thinly and evenly without chopping off their fingers in a tight space while some are running around brimming with energy, completely oblivious to the time crunch we are in to get dinner made for 60 people in under 2 hours and then having to suddenly relocate the entire dinner over to the church because it looks like it might rain and there isn't room for 60 people in the house???? Now, that is a different story altogether!

Actually, the girls were really cute, and seemed to enjoy preparing the meal. They were very obedient and did exactly (well, almost exactly) what I told them to do. There were only 2 minor injuries, and we were pretty great for time. The only thing that threw us off a bit was having to move everything over to the church. Otherwise, we would have made it.

The food turned out great, though. The families seemed pleased, and the girls were very proud of themselves. I collapsed into bed completely exhausted when I finally got home after 9, but I think the dinner was a success.

Some things to remember for the future:
-Start and end it all at the church. The more counter space, the better.
-Have a few more grownups supervising- 12 knife-wielding young girls is not encouraging.
-Take 4 ibuprofin BEFORE it starts
-Take up drinking the afternoon of the activity. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

You are amazing. They definately learned from the best cook around! Your cheesy bread is to die for! (Dang it, I am on weight watchers again and the thought of that bread is making me want to go cheat.)

Jen said...

LOL! You poor thing...working with the primary sure makes you miss the young women doesn't makes me miss them! :)

Shantell said...

The dinner was excellent. All I had to tell Kevin to convince him to go is that you were helping the girl's and he was all in.