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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A happy, wet place!

Saturday we had the oportunity to go to Lagoon for my husband's Lagoon day.

Now, I have said this before, but I am like a 10 year old. I LOVE Lagoon!!! We weren't able to go last year and my summer just wasn't the same,(Granted, we did go to Europe, but still....).

When I found out rain was expected for Saturday, I was pretty sad, but we armed ourselves with umbrellas, jackets, and a whole lot of hope.

It rained.

and rained....

and rained..........

We kept our spirits *mostly* high, though. My son was so brave! He went on the white rollercoaster for the first time, then he convinced his dad to take him on the Rocket (which still wakes me up in a cold sweat every once in a while)! He even did one that turns you upside down and holds you there! (No... I did NOT go on these rides, thank you very much!)

We stuck it out the entire day- in the rain!!!! It became cooler, and we became wetter and more miserable. I spent $9 on rain coats for us at the gift shop, and they helped... a little.

Finally, after dinner we were soaked and cold and tired and wet and cold and soaked and tired, so we did a few more rides, bought some cotton candy and came home.

I fixed us some hot chocolate and we watched Muppets Christmas Carol!!! It seemed fitting.

It turned out to be a fun day, despite the rain!

(And we can bounce back for only $9, so we can actually swim when we go back... on a sunny day.... with no rain in sight!)

Yay.... Lagoon!!!!!


Lauren said...

Sounds like fun! My sister-in-law Hollie said they saw you there. I can't wait until we can go with you! We went to Busch Gardens again this weekend. That is a place we all need to go someday. Noelle has no fear. She went on a roller coaster that is a lot like the Colossus at Lagoon. I'm glad Jason has someone to ride with now, because you couldn't pay me to ride those things!

Kim said...

We love Muppet Christmas Carol! It is one of our favorite movies. I hope you can go back when it's more dry!