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Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am so discouraged.

Last night was my first "official" night as Cub Scout Den Mother. Oh, didn't I tell you? Ya, I'm the new den mother, or den "leader", as my son likes to correct me.

I was so prepared! I baked cupcakes, frosted them, and put sprinkles on them. I picked up some cool flame printed fabric and made beanbags. I got some tri-fold presentation board at Walmart and we learned about cooperation and team work. Then they each designed their own bean bag game on their boards and I cut out the holes. I had intended for them to actually decorate their boards, but after I cut out the holes what did they end up doing?

Throwing their bean bags at eachother in the gym as hard as they could. Boards got left behind and forgotten in the other room.

Oh. And I found out it just isn't cool for mom's to try to play, too. There were 2 scouts against one, so I offered to get in on the action. Ok, so I may not be able to throw very well, but I tried. I found I must have an invisible forcefield around me, though. No one dared hit me with a bean bag. In fact, no one even tried. I quickly realized, who wants to play beanbags with some old leader??? Duh!

I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to relate to boys! Yes, I have a boy, but he's different! He likes to help me cook, and actually asked me to teach him how to sew his own beanbags.

I walked past the room with all the young women in it last night to get a drink. They were planning a video they have to make, and I soooooo wanted to do that! I had so many good ideas when I found out that's what they were going to have to do for Youth Conference, then I was yanked away- plucked in the spring of my.... well, whatever!

I came home and cried last night. I had a good raport with the girls in young women. These boys? Not so much. I know, I know. You'll say, it'll come. Just wait and see.

Sorry, but have boys changed in the entire history of the world? No, they will always be loud, rambunctious, sweaty, boyish... boys! And I am not cut out for this!


Rob and Marci Peacock said...

Good luck Erin! I think there is a special spot in Heaven reserved for anyone who ever works with scouts. I get a headache just going to pack meeting and I'm not in charge of it.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Oh I am so sorry. I can kind of relate. When I was in my Park City Ward, they called me to be the Sunday School teacher for the 14 year olds. Lo and behold, there were 8 rowdy 14 year old boys and only one sweet little girl in there. Not to mention I was pregnant with Maren at the time, which was exhausting enough. I remember preparing lessons and having the boys totally ignore me while I tried to teach. I finally had to have Ryan come to the class with me to help keep them in line.

I know these boys were older, but I know it's hard to work with boys. I would recommend having Merritt around when you are meeting with them. He could really help. It sucks to have all your work go un-noticed or unappreciated. I hope it gets better!

Jen said...

Struggling with the same group of boys...missing the same group of girls...feeling the same sad sad feelings. SIGH! If it makes you feel any better, no matter what you brought they would still have thrown it at each other...ask me how I know. LOL. I know you will be great...we just have to hang in there! Remember when our girls used to look at us like we were wierdos...they warmed up and I bet the boys will too. Fingers crossed that it is sooner than later! :) Call me if you need someone to eat ice cream and watch a sappy movie with - boys in sappy movies are always much nicer. ;)

Jess said...

How many callings do you have exactly?

Anonymous said...

Man, isn't weird that the second you get happy in your calling, things switch up? I bet things are going a lot better than you think. Those boys will love you in no time.

But I know how you feel. I sit in my calling and feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. It has been so hard for me to feel comfortable in it. I sit there in the meetings and daydream about the old days. Really. Hang in there!