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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More upbeat than the post below... aren't you glad?

Yes, Thanksgiving is approaching.

Yes, everyone is posting the things they are thankful for.

So, lest ye think I am ungrateful, here is my "normal" list: (the un-normal list will be tomorrow- things that I am thankful for that most people may not think of.)

-modern technology
-a steady income
-grocery stores
-my husband's warm hands on my cold feet
-the gospel
-the part after the trial is over when you feel that sense of "Ahhhh...."
-people I look up to
-minor accomplishments
-my fuzzy socks
-my clean, fluffy dog
-clean carpets
-great movies
-new shoes
-a great looking outfit
-early morning after Thanksgiving sales
-being with family
-when your favorite song comes on the radio
-hugs from little kids
-hitting the high note just right
-engrossing myself in a good book
-hot chocolate


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Loved your grattitude post. All very real things to be thankful for. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Nanna said...

And You!!!!