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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sickos---- get off the world!!!

I am fed up!

Seriously... I've had it!!!! I'm sick to death of the disgusting fodder thrown in our faces from commercials, billboards, television shows, awards shows, random texts, emails, pop up ads...

There is no escape! I've stopped watching regular television because of this. I can't trust that some awful commercial won't just pop up while my family is watching "Sound of Music". It used to be that you were safe watching television during family time- from 7pm to 9pm, but not anymore.

Case in point, the American Music Awards. I have stopped watching awards shows because of the disgusting humor people think is funny to put on the stage, and the ridiculously unclothed moviestars and supposed musicians parading their annorexic bodies around as though that is the beacon to which we should all clamor. However, I did catch a small moment of the music awards the other night as I was searching for a program about ancient Egypt, and have been regretting it!

I see two lovely blondes walk out on stage: Nicole Kidman wearing a very sparkly long form fitting dress, but what set my jaw agape was her co-host, Kate Hudson and her twins (you know what I mean) falling out of their slings. Even Nicole looked in shock as those puppies nearly made their prime time television debut. Kate had to keep pulling the top over so the inevitable would be postponed, and she looked absolutely ridiculous! Seriously! Didn't she look in the mirror before she went on stage? Didn't she say, I feel a draft?

Luckily, I spared myself from seared eyeballs by flipping the channel quickly, and found out later what I really spared myself from: Adam Lambert evoking the powers of evil onstage for all to see. Now, if this isn't a commentary on how morally skewed our society has become I don't know what is. I read about it this morning- having NO desire to see a clip. I won't even go into detail as the mental images are just as damaging, but it was NOT wholesome. He did it for shock value, plain and simple. He is gay, and felt that he should be able to do what "straight" men and women do on stage. Ya.... if your name happens to be Madonna, or Brittany- not really two role models to rule your actions by, I'd say!

His comment about people's negative reactions: "That's a form of discrimination, and it's bad."

And the sad thing is many others agreed with him!

My gripe is this: do what you will when people are paying to see what they know you are going to present. They want to dirty their minds with it, they know what they are getting. However, do NOT air it on prime time television for innocent channel surfers to stumble upon and suddenly have blaring in their living rooms! What happened to respect for people's sensitivities? What happened to modesty? To civility? To privacy???

If the world is going to scream lasciviousness at me, I am going to speak morality back, very firmly! I will not cower to the spiritually deranged!

I will now step down from my soap box, but I will not diminish into the dark!


Anonymous said...

I hear you! We actually aren't getting the tv hooked up here in Florida. It is not worth it. We still get netflix and get tv series that we deem appropriate, but almost everything on tv is junk these days. We also have been going to the library and getting lots of kids shows. So far it has worked out well...Okay, some things suck about it, like we won't be able to watch the Thanksgiving day parade tomorrow and Jotham is bummed about the whole football thing, but we will take it one month at a time and see how it goes.

Andrea said...

The Smith's are with you. (you don't really have to acknowledge us.) We haven't had TV since we moved in here (5+ years ago) and we probably won't ever have it again. For the reasons you mentioned. We see the glimpses of TV at other people's homes and say, "We don't want the chance of that popping up, or out (as you described), when our kids are watching. Any TV show we follow, we watch online. It cuts down on commercials anyway.