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Friday, January 22, 2010

Goin to Disneyland!

Yep. That's right. My son is almost 9 and has never been to the Magical Kingdom before! (ask me how much guilt I feel about this! Oh, don't, never mind!) I remember going as a kid so many times- I still get shivers and warm fuzzies when I remember all my happy memories wearing my Minnie ears, riding the Pirate ride, feeling all...magical! But my son's life is about to change forever- we are actually going! It is going to be great, we're going with my whole family, and I am so excited!

But the best part of it is that we are going to be participating in their "Give a day of service, get a Disney day" program. This is where you do a service project through one of their approved affiliations, and you get a free day in the park!!! Since we're only going to be at Disneyland for one day, this is perfect! (Yes, I know... how can we only spend one day in the park? Well, we're going to Knotts Berry Farms the next day, and the beach the day after that, so there's no time! :( )

My son is sooo excited about doing the service project, though. In fact, I think he may be more excited about that than going to Disneyland. It warms my heart!

So, I'm off to buy fleece and quilting material to make blankets and quilts for our big "Day of Service Extravaganza" where we're all getting together to tie blankets and a quilt. The kids are going to color quilt squares and tie fleece blankets while the moms tie the big quilt. I think the kids are going to love doing this, and it will really get them in a "service" frame of mind. AND... they'll appreciate their day at Disney more because they worked hard to earn it!!!!

Yay Disney!!! Yay Service!!!!!!! Yay child labor!!!!!!


Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Disneyland will be so fun!! And I love the service idea to get a free day at the park.

Andrea said...

Everyone is going to Disneyland!! I think it's awesome that he's earning it. You guys will have lots of fun.