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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Imaginary friends, sleepless night, and solid foods

This post is random. Despite its randomness, though, there is a bit of calming normality to it- knowing that all you moms out there experience the same strangeness in your daily lives helps me to feel more normal.

Imaginary Friends: My son has several imaginary friends. He started out with one named Ethan ("because I don't want him to have the same name as me, but I want it to sound almost the same.") who is quite a dare-devil and who's mom lets him do whatever he wants, no matter how dangerous. I actually like Ethan- my son can live out his dreams through Ethan without landing in the hospital himself. Of course, Ethan never gets hurt.

Since Ethan there have been more and more added. I think there are about 20 or so right now, I've lost count. But apparently some do not get along with others, and they have wars. (Have I ever mentioned my son is obsessed with war? Kind of freaky, but he is convinced he is going to have to fight in a war someday. Ever since he found out his name means "protector", he is determined to protect others. Sweet, but scary, too.)

My son yelled to me from the bathroom the other day (which is where he spends much of his time, and where he holds most of his conversations with his mom, much to my frustration!) that his imaginary friends are starting Season 2 (you know, like television shows do?) and that he is going to let them have time off of fighting with their enemies until the end of the summer! Isn't that generous? He thought so!

Sleepless Night: I think my body got used to all those drugs that made me drowsy after my W.T. surgery because now that I am off them, I can't sleep! I couldn't get to sleep until 12:30 last night, and woke up at 4AM bright and wide awake. So much for getting sleep! I got up and made bran muffins, and now I am totally dragging! When my hubby asked me if I could do some things for him today, one look at me and he said "Woa! You're like the walking dead!" Ya... probably not something you should say to your wife when she's had so little sleep. I can't be held responsible for my actions!

Solid foods: Well, last night I made schnitzel and rottkohl (pork cutlets, pounded and lightly covered in bread crumbs, and browned in oil- with red cabbage in a sweet and tangy sauce. German and delicious!) The cabbage was soft, so no problem, but the schnitzel was harder to eat. Nevertheless, it tasted soooooo good to have solid food again, and my teeth were FINALLY not screaming out in pain with each bite, that I snarfed it down like I hadn't seen food in days! It was sooo delicious! I almost cried to know that I am on the mend and will NEVER have to have those nasty horrible wisdom teeth out ever again!!!!!

Well, that's all the randomness I have in me today. I'm going back to bed!


Lauren said...

Oh, so that's what that post was. I was thinking it was some quote from a movie or something! And I thought Schnitzel is supposed to go with noodles. Maria Von Trapp would be disappointed. :D