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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One of the "big" talks...

(reading "Black Beauty" this morning...)

"...[Lady Harriet]was a perfect horsewoman, and as gay and gentle as she was beautiful."
"Mom... what does gay mean?"


"Well, in the olden days, it meant Happy."

(Doh! Why did I say 'the olden days?' I know what's coming next...)

"What does it mean now?"


"Umm..... well...... (sweat beading on my brow)'s.... hard to explain to an 8 year old."

"Does it mean when boys like other boys?"

(What?!!! How does he know that?!!! deep breath.... calm myself.....)

"Well, yes, actually. Where did you hear that?"

"Some boys at school were being silly and some other boys said they were being gay. I asked what it meant and they said it's when boys like other boys."

"That's right. That's what it means."

We had a little discussion about what is appropriate, and moral, and about how people that make different choices are still Heavenly Father's children and we should still love them, but we don't make those same choices. A hard discussion when he doesn't even know what sex is yet. I have a feeling THAT discussion isn't far off-and I already know my husband won't be the one giving it. (he's made that clear!)

Why wasn't I given the All-Encompassing Parenting Book when I had him?! Oh ya, because we're just supposed to figure it all out on our own!


Heidi said...


Being caught off guard with things to tell kids is so horrible! But you did a great job!

I'm not looking forward to these discussions... They're getting closer with an almost 10 year old. *gulp*

Nanna said...

Er, it's easy. Just do what I did with you kids - wash his mouth out with soap and send him to his room!
Love, Mom

Erin Taylor said...

Ya, mom.... maybe that's why we're so messed up now! hee hee, Actually, you never washed our mouths out with soap, and Lauren and I had to do it ourselves once to find out what the big deal was. It wasn't so bad.

Whitnie said...

All I know is that kids are experimenting earlier and earlier these days. So the best thing to do is exactly what you did. Be open and honest with them. Pull in the gospel and keep reading the Strength of Youth pamphlet. I know that sounds CRAZY, but I was talking about this with my sister in law. Her son was asking all kinds of questions at age 9. You would be shocked at what was coming out of his mouth! So be prepared. Be honest and blunt when answering his questions so that he is prepared of what to say when he talks about it. Oh, not fun!