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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Smell Like Teen Spirit

Last night, I had to cook dinner for the Relief Society birthday bash at our church. As I was rushing about, getting ready for it, I realized my hair looked horrible- up in a pony tail, hairs all sticking out. Knowing I would actually have to speak to people- not just hide away in the kitchen, I quickly wet down my hair, blow dried it and threw in a head band. It was about as "au naturale" as it gets, but at least it was a little more presentable.

This morning when I woke up, it looked pretty much the same as it did when I went to bed. My naturally curly hair tends to look a bit messy no matter what. I fixed breakfast for the family and just as my husband was about to leave, he said:

"When did you get your hair done?"

"Oh... do you like it? I didn't do anything special."

"It looks..... really 90's- ish."

"Hmmm..... so you're saying my hair is outdated and grungy?"

"No.... it's 90's- ish."

"Ya.... uh.... we're not in the 90's anymore."

I can't figure out exactly what he was getting at. At least he didn't say 80's-ish. I'd say it's definitely more grunge, for sure. I'll try to find my old plaid shirt and thermal top- put on some Teen Spirit deodorant- make it a complete ensemble. (Actually, I really did wear Teen Spirit in high school. I loved it.)

And, Babe... if that was a compliment, it needs a little work. Thanks!