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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My son's school play

(Wow. 2 posts in one day. You must think I have nothing better to do!)

So, last night was my son's school play. It was his first ever school play. He played the xylophone, and did an excellent job, I might add!

His partner was his girlfriend- (it's an on- again- off- again sort of relationship, depending on who hits who with the ball at recess).

It was an excellent production! I was prepared for... well.... something 8 year olds would put on, but it was soooo well done! It had an orchestra (which was several kids, including my son, playing xylophones to piano accompaniment.) and little songs throughout.

Of course, you already know I made most of the costumes. I even got mentioned in the program! At the end, they called me up and gave me a huge bouquet of flowers! I was totally mortified I hadn't even worn lipstick! (I hate to be recognized like that. Really! I was totally embarassed!)

I was so proud of my little guy, though. He was right in tune and played mostly all the right notes. He had so much fun, too. It made me proud to be his mommy!


Anonymous said...

Your Mom's a Fox!