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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dorky post

Yes. I'm a dork.... I've always been.

I think I tried to hide it a bit in High School so I could get dates, but it was always there, lurking in the background- like a big, giant, green- haired monster standing behind me, trying to look inconspicuous. (More like a 'Monster's Inc.' monster, not a slasher film monster.)

It wasn't until I brought this monster out in front and gave him a great big public hug, and put on matching t-shirts that said: I'm with her, and I'm with him- and arrows pointing to eachother, that I was finally able to accept my dorkiness.

Now? Well, I'm thinking of changing my first name to "Dork". It suits me. Everybody knows it, and there is no sense in pretending. I'm 35 years old now, time to accept who I am. As Oprah says, your 20's are for finding out what you want and who you are. Your 30's are for accepting who you are. (at least, I think she said that.... I was doing dishes at the time and only caught bits and snatches of the show.)

I went and saw "Twilight" again last night. It was my second time seeing it, and I had mixed feelings about seeing it again after I was so dissappointed the first time.

I also went alone.

I have NO problem going to movies alone. I know the rest of the world does- they think, I would die if I went to a movie alone! Why? It's not like you're talking to anyone in the movie, anyway.(And if you are, you deserve that popcorn thrown in your direction!) I like not worrying about what the person I came with thinks of the movie. So what?

I don't know what is dorkier, though. Going to the movie alone, or that I actually saw "Twilight" again. Either way, I admit I was glad I went. I got some free time away from wifely chores, and Robert Pattinson isn't hard on the eyes.

I actually liked the movie the second time. Yep. I did. Thanks, J-, for suggesting I see it again. You're my Twilight buddy! (I know you won't even read this, but I thank you in my heart, just the same!)

Thank you to my husband for embracing my dorkiness and suggesting I get out and do something last night. And for doing the dishes so I would have a nice happy surprise waiting for me in the kitchen when I got home!

Thanks to Walgreens for providing the photos I looked at so as not to appear to dorky while eating a Gyro alone at Crown Burger (thanks to C.B.) being all dorky on my date with myself.

Thanks to everyone who still talks to me- being a dork and all- and pretending I'm normal like you!


Lauren said...

I would just love to get away to see a movie alone. I would love to be able to do anything alone! I can't even take a bath alone these days. I've usually got Jackson trying to climb in with me, and Rachel trying to help wash my hair. I try locking the door, but then I have to endure shrieking at the top of lungs and banging on doors until I get out!

Lauren said...

I forgot to ask.....have you seen the April GQ cover yet? I have no words.

Jen said...

alone...hmmm, I'm not sure I understand what that word means! Sounds like an awesome date!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Don't feel bad about that. I have seen Twilight 4 times. I am embarassed to admit that. I actually made my husband take me to the showing of it and the dollar theater on Valentines Day. I have done the movie alone thing and actually like that because no one can give me guilt about eating a bag of popcorn all by myself.

heather said...

Welcome to the dork side, though there are more of us here than one would expect. I have seen Twilight three times and once I went alone to meet up with other fans I had never met before in my life. I am glad I'm not the only one accepting the reality and breaking away from domestic duty to the fantasy fairytale land of Edward.

Kim said...

I saw Twilight twice too. I agree with you- it was better the second time. I think anything by myself is HEAVEN.