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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boring post.... NOT boring life right now...

I am painting my basement bathroom.

We started the remodel last July, and... well, here it is almost April and we're still not done.

I painted the vanity yesterday, and most of the walls as well. (Dark, rusty orange color- not sure I love it, but it's staying regardless!)

Today I have to paint the ceiling and trim, as well as finish the walls. Then, all we have to do is put on the final trim piece over the beadboard and caulk.

Oh ya... and put in the new light and install new towel rods and toilet paper hooks. Brushed nickel to replace the old TACKY wood ones.

I'll post before and after pic's when it's all done. Then, I'm off to start painting the guest bedroom. It HAS to be finished by Saturday because we have some people from Australia coming to stay for a few days and I don't want them sleeping in a half painted bedroom.

Did I mention I also have to make several aprons for a boutique store??? I'm beginning to FREAK OUT!!!!!!


Jen said...

Good luck. I bet it will look fabulous, just like everything else you do! :)