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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

25 not-so-great-things

Ok... so, I have had many friends 'give up' on the blogging world lately because they feel they just can't compete with those "perfect" women who have it all, do it all, make it all or write it all. I am certain that I do NOT fall into that category, so there is no guilt whatsoever coming from my area of the bloggosphere.

So, in honor of blog tags, imperfect blogger moms, and human nature in general, I give you my personal list of:

25 not so great things about me

1- I can't stand it when people (namely my husband) channel surf during commercials! It gives me eye-twitching spasms and makes my blood pressure sky rocket! Mute the dang commercials and leave the channel right were it is!!!!!!
2- I have an obesession with open cupboard drawers, or dresser drawers, or any doors in general- THEY MUST BE CLOSED!!!!! Why can't men seem to get this????
3- I don't care if my kid jumps on the couch- or leaps from couch to couch- most moms frown on this... is there something wrong with me?
4- I eat chocolate when I'm stressed. I also eat it when I'm happy, tired, angry, depressed..... well, you see the problem!
5- I get really irritated when people come over unannounced. Even if they are my favorite person in the world.... it just annoys me!!!! Like... REALLY!
6- I despise cleaning the bathroom!!!
7- I hate doing laundry almost as much as I despise cleaning the bathroom.
8- I don't keep in touch with people I am friends with. I think about them often, but picking up the telephone or writing them a note just never gets done. I do still care, very much.... I just don't show it well.
9- I don't like to make goals. I hate feeling pressured to do something in a certain time period. It makes me want to rebel and do the opposite...even if I am the one who made the goal in the first place.
10- I don't do makeup anymore, except on Sundays. I used to get up, showered, dressed nice, hair done, makeup done- every day..... no more.
11- I forget how movies end, so I can see them over and over again and still be surprised.
12- I am afraid to call people on the phone.
13- I will tell anyone almost anything about me if they want to know. My husband hates this, he is much more private.
14- I expect people to understand me, and am always surprised when they don't.
15- I HATE touching doornobs or public counter tops!!!!!
16- I can't stand the smell of cheap perfume,I absolutely won't wear it- it all smells like old ladies to me.
17- I love to sew, but I CAN'T STAND repairing stuff. It takes me an average of 3 years to hem my husband's pants.
18- I sing wrong words to church hymns on purpose, and make up silly parts and actions- which I do- sitting on the 2nd row in church. My husband thinks I'm a bad influence, but I caught him doing it last week, so HA!
19- I have ZERO patience for people who hold grudges.
20- I have a very difficult time sitting through sunday school.
21- I feel resentment towards people who have a little boy and girl. That was supposed to be me.
22- I am a treat perfectionist: if I make a treat to take to the neighbors, and it doesn't turn out exactly right, I will throw it away (if my husband and son don't get to it first.) I am mortified to send something that isn't perfect.
23- I STILL accidentally wash colored socks with whites, and end up having to bleach everything out, and buy new socks, too. It drives my husband crazy!
24- I've gotten incredibly afraid of heights the older I get. I can't even watch something high up on television without feeling my stomach drop to my feet.
25- I forget to shave my legs all the time before wearing a dress that shows my legs, and I don't really care that much!

So- there it is. Yes, I am human. No, I'm not bashing on myself- I actually have no real desire to change much of the above things. Really.

So, if it helps at all, just know I am one of the imperfect. Isn't it great to know you're among friends?!


heather said...

Love it! I too hate the phone, mess up laundry, don't wear make up and let my kids jump from couch to couch and can't stand grudges...among many other things. And I have tried your perfect treats! Mmmm...miss them. Imperfection has its benefits!

Lauren said...

I have come to the conclusion that my little family is always going to be the least reverent in church, no matter what I do. Last week I caught Jason wearing a Pinocchio nose made out of the Floam that I brought to occupy the kids. Hey, at least we were present, and even on time!

Anonymous said...

Love the post, love you more! :)

Andrea said...

As your visiting teacher, the unannounced thing is good to know.

Loralee Choate said...

LOVE this.

I agree with many of the things on here although the non-extending and phone anxiety thing seemed to appear about 4 or 5 years ago. I never used to have a problem with it, but I SO DO NOW.

Also? Laundry is of the devil.