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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why bother???

Monday was supposed to be a nice, fun day. My son had off school and we were going to drive up to my mom's in Cache Valley to spend the day.

After working out, doing dishes, putting in a load of laundry, showering and checking the oil in my car we were finally off by 11:00 AM (2 hours later than I wanted to leave!)

It began snowing.

And snowing....

And snowing. Until we finally hit Ogden and the roads started to get slick.

And by Willard, my driver's side windshield wiper decided it didn't need to remove the snow that was piling up on the windshield.

I inched along slowly, my son said a prayer that we'd make it safely, and we were able to pull into the Walmart parkinglot in Brigham City without incident.

I ran into the store and picked up some new wiper blades, but when I looked outside, you could hardly see the cars- it was snowing soooo bad!

I didn't want to go out there and struggle with putting new blades on in THAT, and I hadn't brought a coat either! Sheesh!

(yes, I know... why didn't I wear a coat when I insisted that my son bring his, much to his protestations? Well... I'm a hypocrite. What can I say?! But this isn't about my bad mothering, it's about pittying me for having a bad day, so can we get back to it?)

I stood there for a moment wondering what I should do when I glanced over and saw a sign: New Wiper Blades Installed for Only $9! Check at the automotive department desk.

What??? They have an automotive department??????

I hurried and put the blades back, put my kid into the car and raced over to the automotive garage doors, jumped out of the car in the sleeting snow, raced into the side door, and fell flat on my rear end as I slid down the painted concrete hallway- in FULL VIEW of all the mechanics, and right in front of the big glass windown to the waiting room where about 8 people were watching me! Yes- it was a fine moment in my life.

However, I was able to get them installed, out of the snow and cold, and I didn't have to do them myself- AND it only cost $9!!!!

WE never made it up to Cache Valley, though. The canyon was so bad it was suicide to try, so we turned around and went back home. All that way just for new wiper blades.

AS a consolation, I took my son to the dollar movies and saw "Bedtime Stories" which was a VERY STUPID MOVIE- after which my son asked "So, are we going to get that on DVD? I said no. He said, "Why?" I said, because it wasn't funny. He said, "So, a movie has to be funny to get it on DVD? and I said yes. He said, "Well, Pride and Prejudice isn't funny. Why do you have it on DVD?" I told him to be quiet and get in the car.

When my husband got home that night after a long day at work, he asked in that sarcastic way of his, "So, did you have a nice FREE DAY OFF????" I whirled around and the look on my face hushed him up right away.

Yes, what a great FREE DAY OFF, honey. I'll try to do double the laundry and spit shine your shoes tomorrow so maybe I can earn another FREE day in a year or so.


Jen said...

You poor thing! Pride and Prejudice is funny...but only if you understand the humor! That is my philosophy on movies you buy too! :) Hope today is a better day!