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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shopping ramblings


I love shopping.... for other people.

I spent 5 hours at the outlet stores in Park City yesterday. By myself. I prefer it this way.No whining husband. No whining son. We are all happier people.

I got my husband 7 shirts and 2 new pairs of pants, my son got 3 new pairs of shorts, a shirt, some lounge pants, and new Sunday shoes. Me? I got a t-shirt.

In all actuality, I did pick up another shirt for myself, and actually purchased it. It was really cute, and not a t-shirt. However, when I looked at the receipt I noticed I had been charged full price for the thing, so I went back and dickered with the sales girl. (she hardly spoke any English, by the way- and NO, I don't speak Spanish. I live in America where I thought we spoke English. Guess I was wrong.) Anyway- after some translation and lots of gesticulating (on her part, not mine- I had NO idea what she was gesturing about.)I finally realized she was telling me the shirt isn't on sale. Well, why the heck am I shopping on this crazy-busy holiday, standing in line for 20 minutes to purchase a shirt that isn't on sale????
I returned it. Thus, the 1 t-shirt.

The thing about shopping for my husband, though, is that I more often than not end up having to exchange the stuff for a different size, or he didn't like the color, or whatever. This time he loved everything I got him- and why wouldn't he? I have great taste! However, none of it fit. For some reason he has either shrunk, or the sizes have changed. Anyway, I am going back up to Park City today to exchange everything and hope they have the right sizes still in stock.

The good thing, though, is that it won't be crowded. Maybe I'll actually be able to browse a little more and get myself something other than a t-shirt!

All in all, it boils down to this being a very boring post. Sorry.


Andrea said...

That's not boring. I love shopping by myself. And it's way easier to shop for other people.