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Thursday, May 7, 2009

There's nothing like being a mother!

I love being a mom! I love that my son brings me flowers from the yard ALL THE TIME! I love that he finds little beads everywhere we go and he brings them home to me. He even has a special little place in my desk he keeps all the little beads- thinking that I adore plastic beads, for some reason. I love that he takes after me in that he can't wait to give me a present.

The other day he came home from school, and I hadn't even had a chance to say hello when he blurted out, "Ok! I'm sorry, but I just can't wait until Mother's Day to give this to you!" then he thrust something into my hands. It was the sweetest letter and card.

The card has little flowers you pull out of the pot and they each have a chore written on them. I can choose which chore I want him to do that day! What a great idea!

Then, yesterday I was at Harmon's grocery store at the checkout counter when I looked up. I saw over every checkstand was a large banner from different school classes, and each had messages written by the students to their moms. I looked directly over my head and there was my son's class! I found my son's message to me: "I love my mom because she loves me." Short and sweet- and it utterly melted my heart!

There's nothing like the sweet sentiments from your children! It made my entire week!
I love you, E-Z!


Anonymous said...

Can I get one of those chore cards? Perfect mothers day gift.

Eason is such a little sweetheart. Too cute!

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

I agree with your sentiments! :) Maren has started saying "I lo you" this past week which I'm sure means I love you! It's the best feeling in the world. Happy Mothers Day, you are a great mom!