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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day- ahhhhhh.........

I had a pretty fabulous Mother's Day! My husband is finally getting the hang of it! Really! Saturday night I told him he was taking me to dinner, and he didn't bat an eye- he just said, Where do you want to go?

Sunday morning the first thing he said to me was "Happy Mother's Day" and gave me a kiss. He and my son were whispering excitedly in the hallway and I knew they were planning something. My son came in with a card he had made me (that made 3 cards for Mother's Day this week!) and then my husband came in carrying a big box and a china plate with poppyseed cake, and milk in a crystal goblet. My son handed me a new set of red measuring cups with fresh cut lilacs in it. Then, I got to see what was in the box: a brand new deluxe Belgian waffle maker! It rotates and has a stand and everything! I love it!

I got a single stem rose in church, 2 more cards from my son, (5 in all!) and we went to my mother's in Logan for a delicious turkey dinner. We drove back home in time to visit with my in-laws and give my MIL her new apron, which looked adorable on her, I must say. Then, I stayed up waaaaaaaayyyy too late watching The Sound of Music, and dozed off around midnight.

You know what I love about Mother's day???? Well, yes, the fact that I have a fantastically adorable son and loving husband... but also that my BIRTHDAY is in just a week and I get MORE presents!!!!! Wooo Hooo!!!!!

(do I sound greedy?)


erachamay said...

I know just how you feel! Mother's Day is only made better by the birthday bit! :)