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Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it me, or is this lady really ornery?

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid neighbors!

Why don't they know that when the sun is down, that means it's time to sleep? Oh ya, cause they're drunk!

2 of them are up in a tree right now, and I am really tempted in my sleep-deprived, cold induced manic state to run out there and push them down!

Oh. And this is also an apology to the 6 or so women who were in Relief Society yesterday. I'm sorry I chose a hymn no one knew. I was coming out of a Nyquil coma when church suddenly came and smacked me on the face. I felt so stupid up there waving my arm around, not being able to sing myself, and watching everyone watching me with blank stares- yes, there were a few of you who were at least trying. I thank you for your efforts! However, I just couldn't let it go on any further! I slammed my book shut after the second verse to save us all from further torture.

I realize, in horror, that I am going to probably be one of those ornery old women who are outspoken and bossy. Eeeeeek! "You drunk kids get out of that tree over there, or I'm calling the police!" "You women take this hymn book home and sing this song 50 times until you have it learned, then come back next week and we'll try it again!" "You nasty kids get your elbows off the table!"

See, I'm already there! Oh, did I mention I officially turn OLD tomorrow?????


heather said...

Happy Birthday early!